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Founded by Dan Regovich in 2009, AJ Augur Group LLC has become a prominent name in the plastics recruiting industry. AJ Augur Group LLC fills difficult positions within the plastics industry for companies throughout the United States
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How to Write Job Posts That Attract Top Talent

We’ve all seen them: those lengthy, detailed job postings that list every possible duty and requirement, ending with something like “must be able to lift 25lbs.” While these detailed descriptions have their place, they aren’t effective in attracting top candidates online. They are often too boring and give potential applicants little reason to respond. I’ve encountered numerous instances over the past two decades where excellent candidates ignored job ads because they simply didn’t appeal to them. Here are some tips for creating job posts that attract top talent:

Highlight Your Company’s Strengths

Sell Your Company: Start by showcasing what makes your company unique. Are you an established, profitable company, or a rising star in your industry? Mention your market dominance, notable achievements, longevity, or innovations. What sets your company apart?  This is the biggest way to create job posts that attract top talent.

Employee Benefits: Highlight what you do for your employees. Do you offer great benefits, such as tickets to sports events, free meals, company picnics, consistent bonuses, onsite daycare, or excellent work-life balance? List all the perks that keep your employees happy. These details matter!

Describe the Role Impactfully

Big Picture Summary: Give candidates an overview of the position. Explain how they can contribute to the company’s success and what opportunities they have for advancement.

Relocation Information: If the job offers relocation, provide details about the surrounding communities, including education, cost of living, crime rates, and recreational opportunities.

End with a Compelling Call to Action

Conclude your posting with an engaging call to action: “If you want to be part of a dynamic culture, be respected, and make a direct impact on our bottom line, we want to talk to you! Please send your resume or call.”

Follow Up Quickly

Once you start receiving applications, follow up promptly with promising candidates. Time is of the essence, as top candidates have a short shelf life. Ensure that the person screening resumes thoroughly understands the role and what the company is looking for. Sending a rejection letter to those who aren’t chosen is also a classy touch, and many job posting sites offer automated rejection letters.  This is more of a long term solution but just because a candidate isn’t a fit for a particular opening, it doesn’t mean they won’t be for something in the future.  So in the future when you write a job post that attracts top talent, you want them to respond.

Tell Your Company’s Unique Story

Every company has a unique story to tell. Make sure you tell it. When you start talking to interested candidates, share why your company is a great place to work. Once they are engaged, you can then share the detailed job description.

Whether it’s a job posting, a phone interview, a face-to-face interview, or an offer, always reinforce why your company is a fantastic place to work. Be a salesperson for your company and an advocate for its culture and values.

If you struggle to find anything positive to say about your company in your job posting, it might be time to update your resume. But that’s a topic for another article!

By following these tips, you can create job posts that attract top talent and set your company apart from the competition.


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Founded by Dan Regovich in 2009, AJ Augur Group Plastics Search and Recruitment has become a prominent name in the plastics headhunting industry. We fill difficult positions in the plastics industry for companies throughout the United States.

Because your company is unlike any other, we will take the time to discuss the details of your current opening and your company’s culture.

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At AJ Augur, we play a vital role in guiding candidates through the job search process within the plastics industry. We address these common questions candidates ask plastics recruiters with transparency and clarity, providing honest insights about the challenges and opportunities of each role. Doing so helps candidates make informed decisions while building trust and establishing positive candidate experiences. 

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