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Founded by Dan Regovich in 2009, AJ Augur Group LLC has become a prominent name in the plastics recruiting industry. AJ Augur Group LLC fills difficult positions within the plastics industry for companies throughout the United States
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Dan Regovich

Founded by Dan Regovich in 2009, AJ Augur Group LLC has become a prominent name in the plastics recruiting industry. AJ Augur Group LLC fills difficult positions within the plastics industry for companies throughout the United States

About The Founder

Dan Regovich is the man who learned from his experiences and paved the path for his success to open his own plastics recruitment firm. Being in the industry since 1997, Mr. Regovich has received several awards and honors as a plastics headhunter . He was also a repeat winner of the prestigious President’s Club Award of Excellence at Recruiter Solutions International.

Search Options

Retained Search

This plan is well-suited for high-level searches with a great sense of urgency and confidentiality. As leading plastics industry recruiters, our pricing is simple: 1/3rd of the estimated fee is required upfront, 1/3rd when the first slate of candidates appear, and the remaining after the position is successfully filled.

Engagement/Priority Search

Ideal for all levels of positions that require a degree of urgency and/or confidentiality. This plan offers the best of both worlds of a retained and contingency search. Also called a performance-based retainer, a nominal down payment is required upfront, and the remainder is due once our candidate begins employment with you.

Contingency Search

As plastics recruiters, we know your challenges and needs. This is why our contingency search solutions cater to your search requirements with the low urgency and would only require a review of our current candidates that are on file. The best part is that no money is required upfront and you have to pay only after our candidate begins employment with you.

Top Talent

Our skilled team of plastics headhunters helps you hire top talent in the industry so you can grow.

Relevant Skills

We shortlist the right candidates with relevant skills, based on your requirements

High Efficiency

The best part is that we follow a highly efficient recruiting process so you can direct your time, effort, and resources on other productive tasks


Here are four key takeaways on how a plastics recruiter can help find talent for your company: A plastics recruiter specializes in identifying, attracting, and hiring top talent for companies operating in the plastics industry. Working with a plastics recruiter can save your company time and resources by ensuring that you only interview the most …

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Wednesday May 17 2023

Build Your Career as a Plastics Process Technician with these few steps. There is a constant need for Skilled Professional Plastics Process Technicians.

Friday April 21 2023

The Future of Plastics Jobs will be shaped by trends such as sustainability, the adoption of advanced technologies, and the development of new materials.

Friday April 21 2023

There are several common hiring mistakes that employers make, including: Rushing the hiring process: Hiring quickly without thoroughly vetting candidates can lead to hiring the wrong person for the job. Focusing too much on qualifications: While qualifications are important, they are not the only indicator of a successful hire. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, …

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Wednesday April 5 2023

By Bob Marshall of the Bob Marshall Group https://www.themarshallplan.org/bls-analysis-for-recruiters-february-2023/ Economic Activity Up Slightly; Firms Getting Less Flexible with Remote Work: Beige Book Daily News, March 9, 2023 Economic activity in the US increased slightly in early 2023, according to the US Federal Reserve’s ‘Beige Book’ report released Wednesday. 6 Federal Reserve Districts reported little or no …

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Tuesday March 21 2023

Plastics Jobs Market Outlook for 2023  While the shadow of a possible recession hangs over all economic news, it’s difficult to predict the effect economic headwinds will have on different sectors of the economy. Plastics jobs are no exception.  Analysts expect steady, but slower growth in the plastics sector for 2023. That said, employers in this market …

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Wednesday November 16 2022

There are many different opinions about writing a résumé but your goal should be to have it so that anyone could pick it up and be able to figure out exactly what it is you do within a few seconds.

Saturday July 23 2022


“Fantastic! We all love her here, she’s a great addition to the team. I told my boss that she is probably the best hire I have ever made in my career. You did good!”

“Thank you for the assistance provided during my recent search for salesperson for the western US region. Your effort and time taken to understand our requirements certainly paid off with a successful hire. In fact, all the candidates presented were all well qualified, professional, prepared, and would have been successful here.”

“Our choice of candidate has fit in with our company from the first day. I sincerely believe he will have a rewarding career that will benefit both himself and the company. I look forward to working with you in the future as my sales team grows and I look to add new individuals.”


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