AJ Augur Group, LLC is a Plastics search and recruitment firm (plastics recruiters / headhunters). Within the plastics industry, we assist both large and small companies in filling critical positions in end markets such as packaging, medical/pharmaceutical, compounding, labels, consumer products, industrial and automotive.

As Plastics Recruiters, we work primarily in injection molding, blow molding, blown, extruded and cast film, auxiliary equipment, compounding, extrusion, resin and mold making.


Dan Regovich has been recruiting since 1997 and has made hundreds of placements across the country. Since 2001, he has specialized as a Plastics Recruiter / Headhunter and knows the Plastics industry intimately.

For every 4 candidates he sets up for an interview with a client of his, 1 of them gets the job. Dan fills 95% of the positions he works on. When recruiting for a hard to fill position, you need the right fit quickly.

TESTIMONIAL (Plastics Recruiter)

When following up with a long-time client on how an employee that we placed was doing, the answer was: “Fantastic! We all love her here, she’s a great addition to the team. I told my boss that she is probably the best hire I have ever made in my career. You did good!”

Another one of our amazing clients sent this wonderful note: “Thank you for the assistance provided during my recent search for salesperson for the western US region. Your effort and time taken to understand our requirements certainly paid off with a successful hire. In fact, all the candidates presented were all well qualified, professional, prepared, and would have been successful here.

Our choice of candidate has fit in with our company from the first day. I sincerely believe he will have a rewarding career that will benefit both himself and the company. I look forward to working with you in the future as my sales team grows and I look to add new individuals.”