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Biotechnology researcher in laboratory working with plastic containers containing cell culture. An example of recruitment in the Field of Medical Plastics

Recruitment in the Field of Medical Plastics

Medical plastics involve developing and using plastic materials in various medical applications such as the plastics used in medical devices, equipment, packaging, 3D printing, and more. Given the rapid advancements in medical technology and materials science, there are many recruitment opportunities in the field of medical plastics.

Potential areas for AJ Augur recruitment opportunities related to medical plastics:

  1. Medical Device Companies: Many types of medical device manufacturers require professionals with materials science and plastics engineering expertise to design, develop, and produce medical grade material for medical devices. This could include roles related to product design, corrosion resistance, quality control, regulatory compliance, and more.
  2. Research and Development (R&D) Facilities: Companies’ research institutions, universities, and R&D departments often hire researchers and engineers to develop new materials and technologies for medical applications. This could involve improving the properties of existing medical plastics or inventing new ones.
  3. Biotechnology Companies: Companies that work at the intersection of biology and technology may require specialists who can create biocompatible plastics for implants, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, high temperature and sterilization cycles, and other medical applications.
  4. Plastics Manufacturing Industry: Companies specializing in plastics manufacturing might have specific divisions dedicated to medical-grade plastics and medical graded polymers. They may require professionals to ensure the manufacturing processes meet medical application quality and safety standards.
  5. Regulatory and Compliance Roles: As medical plastics are used in devices and equipment that must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines (such as those from the FDA in the United States), there are recruitment opportunities for individuals who can navigate and ensure compliance with the wide range of regulations.
  6. Quality Assurance and Control: Ensuring the quality and safety of medical plastics is crucial. Quality assurance and control roles involve testing materials, verifying their properties, and ensuring they meet established medical industry standards.
  7. Supply Chain and Procurement: Companies that produce medical devices or equipment require a steady supply of medical-grade plastics. Supply chain and procurement professionals are responsible for sourcing and managing these materials.
  8. Consulting and Contracting: Some professionals with expertise in medical plastics might choose to work as consultants or contractors, providing their specialized knowledge to various companies in need.
  9. Startups and Entrepreneurship: The medical plastics field could offer opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. Developing new materials, manufacturing processes, or medical products could lead to startup ventures.
  10. Academic and Educational Institutions: Universities and educational institutions have openings for researchers, professors, or educators focused on materials science, plastics engineering, and their applications in the medical field.

AJ Augur explores job search websites, company career pages, professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, and industry-specific events or conferences to find specific recruitment opportunities.

Plastics Industry Recruiting

Recruiting for the plastics industry requires careful consideration of the specific roles and skills needed. The plastics industry encompasses many sectors, including manufacturing, research and development, engineering, design, sales, and more. Here are some recruitment options AJ Augur considers:

  1. Job Boards and Websites: Post job openings on industry-specific job boards and websites. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and specialized platforms like Plastics News’ Job Board can help you reach a broad audience of potential candidates.
  2. Trade Associations: Many plastics industry trade associations offer job boards and networking opportunities. Examples include the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS).
  3. Recruitment Agencies: AJ Augur is a recruitment agency specializing in plastics. Our agency has access to a network of skilled professionals and can help you find suitable candidates more efficiently.
  4. Campus and Educational Institutions: We partner with universities and technical schools offering programs related to plastics engineering, materials science, and polymer technology. Attend career fairs, offer internships, and establish relationships with professors to tap into emerging talent.
  5. Networking Events and Conferences: We attend industry conferences, seminars, and networking events. These gatherings provide an opportunity to meet professionals in the field and identify potential candidates.
  6. Online Communities and Forums: We encourage participation in online forums, social media groups, and discussion boards related to plastics. These communities can help you connect with individuals passionate about the industry.
  7. Internal Referrals: We encourage your current employees to refer potential candidates. Offering referral bonuses can incentivize employees to refer qualified candidates from their professional networks.
  8. Company Website: We ensure your company’s careers page contains relevant job openings. To attract potential candidates, provide detailed information about the roles, responsibilities, and benefits.
  9. Professional Organizations: Many professionals in the plastics industry are members of specialized organizations.  We contact these organizations to inquire about posting job openings in their newsletters or websites.
  10. LinkedIn and Social Media: We know how to leverage platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals in the industry. Share engaging content about your company and its work to attract potential candidates.
  11. Apprenticeships and Training Programs: We consider setting up apprenticeships or training programs to develop skilled workers from entry-level positions within your company.
  12. Industry Publications: Advertise job openings in industry-specific publications, magazines, and newsletters to target individuals already engaged in the plastics field.
  13. Skill-Based Assessments: We use skill-based assessments and technical interviews to evaluate candidates’ abilities before deciding. This is particularly important for technical roles.
  14. Remote Work Opportunities: If feasible, we consider offering remote work options to help you access a broader talent pool.
  15. Competitive Compensation Packages: We advertise the fact that you offer competitive salaries, benefits, and advancement opportunities which will make your company attractive to top talent job seekers.

Remember that the plastics industry is evolving, with an increasing focus on sustainability, innovation, and advanced materials. Contact AJ Augur. As a plastics recruiter and executive search firm, we will tailor our recruitment approach to align with your company’s needs, values, and the industry.