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Founded by Dan Regovich in 2009, AJ Augur Group LLC has become a prominent name in the plastics recruiting industry. AJ Augur Group LLC fills difficult positions within the plastics industry for companies throughout the United States
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Month: September 2023

Biotechnology researcher in laboratory working with plastic containers containing cell culture. An example of recruitment in the Field of Medical Plastics

Recruitment in the Field of Medical Plastics

Medical plastics involve developing and using plastic materials in various medical applications such as the plastics used in medical devices, equipment, packaging, 3D printing, and more. Given the rapid advancements in medical technology and materials science, there are many recruitment opportunities in the field of medical plastics. Potential areas for AJ Augur recruitment opportunities related …

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Industrial plastic manufacturing engineers working inside of a factory reviewing numbers on laptops and product assessment

An Overview of the Plastic Manufacturing Industry

Plastics, a versatile and transformative material, have experienced an astonishing trajectory since their inception. The industry started with Bakelite and later developed many polymers like polyethylene, PVC, and PET that are popular today. Such evolution was technological and cultural, as plastics became synonymous with modernity, molding our lives in previously unimagined ways. The omnipresence of …

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