About Us

plastic recruiterSince 1997, Dan Regovich who owns and operates AJ Augur Group LLC, has built a solid reputation as a Plastics Recruiter / Headhunter. He has done this by consistently filling difficult positions for companies across the United States. Dan’s introduction to the recruiting world was with a large national firm, KForce. He then went on to help start up ADR Search, a small search firm located in Northeast Ohio. While at RSI / Recruiter Solutions International, Dan led the Plastics Group which had a national focus on recruiting plastics professionals. He was a top producer with RSI and a repeat winner of the company’s esteemed Presidents Club Award of Excellence.

Since of formation of AJ Augur Group LLC in 2009, Dan has continued as a Plastics Recruiter / Headhunter to efficiently fill plastics positions all over the U.S.

What Makes a Great Plastics Recruiter / Headhunter?

1. Relationships, not only contacts. It is one thing to have contacts within the plastics industry, but it’s another thing to have established relationships within the plastics industry. Having relationships within the plastics industry means candidates trust Dan. They will get back to him when he contacts them regarding open positions. This means that client’s positions get filled more quickly with the qualified candidates they want!

2. Ability to call and recruit people, not just place ads. A great Plastics Recruiter / Headhunter will also have the ability to make cold calls into the industry of people they don’t know yet. This is how the above relationships are built. After working on similar searches in the Plastics industry for many years, this is how positions get filled quickly.

3. The ability to discern whether or not a candidate is interested in your job. This is important. You don’t want to waste time and money interviewing candidates who are never going to leave their current employer. For every 4 candidates Dan sets up on an interview with his clients, one of them gets the job. That means the candidates presented to a client are not only a fit, but will actually leave their current employer for the right job!

What’s In The Name?

AJ Augur is Dan’s Great, Great Grandmother – Alethea Jane Augur, who was born in 1852. Grandma Augur was the hard-working daughter of German immigrants who worked her own ranch in New Mexico. From a picture that was taken circa 1880 of Grandma Augur, it’s very apparent that her genes were passed down to Dan as their facial features are virtually identical! Most find it either very funny or quite scary!