Plastics Recruiters / Headhunter Services

Search Process

  • Because your company is unlike any other, not only will we take the time to discuss the details of your current opening but we will also discuss the culture of your company. This will allow us to find someone who not only has the right skill set, but someone who will also fit into your company’s environment.
  • After all of the necessary information is gathered, a targeted list of companies and known contacts within in the industry is put together and your opportunity is presented to them. These are typically not candidates applying to job boards but those who are reasonably happy but don’t have the time to conduct a job search.
  • All candidates who fit the criteria and might be a fit for your position are thoroughly interviewed. Only those deemed to be the best are presented for your review. Both client and candidate debriefs are performed by us after each step of the interviewing process do discuss whether or not this position is right for both parties.
  • Background checks and reference checks are performed on candidates who are being considered for hire. We will extend the offer to the candidate and prepare them to resign.

Search Options

  • Retained Search: This plan is reserved for high-level searches that have a great sense of urgency and confidentiality. 1/3 of the estimated fee is require up front, 1/3 of the fee is required when the first slate of candidates has presented and the remaining 1/3 once the position is successfully filled.
  • Engagement/Priority Search: Ideal for all levels of positions that require a degree of urgency and/or confidentiality. This plan offers the best of both worlds of a retained and contingency search. Also called a performance-based retainer, 20% of the estimated fee is required up front and the remainder is due once our candidate begins employment with you. This allows us work on your open position and give it the attention it deserves without the huge financial commitment up front that retained searches require.
  • Contingency Search: This is for searches that are of lower importance and would only require a review of our current candidates that are on file. No money is required up front and a fee is only paid to us once our candidate begins employment with you. The steps outlined in the Search Process above do not pertain to a contingency search.
  • Customized: Not seeing exactly what you want? Talk to us and let us customize a search plan that suits your needs.