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As many Plastics Headhunters do, I often get asked by plastics companies why I require a commitment up front. The answer is quite simple, I have about an 85% chance of filling a position when there is money up front and I have less than a 10% chance of filling a plastics job when there is no money up front. To break it down further, if I set a goal to fill 10 positions, I would need to work on a little over 100 contingency searches to reach that goal. At that point, I’m throwing résumés against to wall to “see what sticks”. Very little value is being added to a lot of plastics companies. On the other hand, if there is money up front, I only need to work 11-12 searches to reach my goal of 10. In this case, a lot of value is being added to very few people. What does that mean to a client? The client who puts money down will receive superb service.

I’m often told that other plastics headhunters will work on positions with no money down. I ask the person that I’m talking to why it is that they are talking to me if they have someone they are happy with on a contingency basis? I tell them that there are some very good contingency plastics headhunters out there but they need to know exactly what kind of service they will be getting.

There are certain factors that plastics headhunters use in determining how much time or effort they will put into your search and thus, the level of service you will receive. They are, 1. Is the search exclusive? 2. Is it a full fee? 3. Are the job specs reasonable? 4. Is opening urgent? 5. Is there a good relationship with the plastics headhunter and person that this position reports to?

In conclusion, if you are working with a headhunter and you want great service, keep in mind the 5 criteria mentioned above. If those criteria aren’t in place, a good recruiter will either not spend any time at all or very little time working on your open position.

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